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A Plus Crab History

A Plus Crab team is created by a group of friends who was born and raised together.They establish the Boil Cajun Seafood in 2016.They all have more than ten years of restaurant experience,and they have their own seafood restaurants.

Moreover,they grow by the sea island,and know how to cook seafood that will taste good.They did a survey at their own restaurants,most of people  like New Orleans seafood;therefore,their own chef got secret Cajun Recipe from seafood chef with New Orleans style.They want to share"Taste of New Orleans” with you.

Boil Cajun Seafood is famous in the Low-Country of South Carolina and Georgia.South Carolina traditional dish called Frogmore Stew ;furthermore,Frogmore Stew is considered a classic Low-Country South Carolina dish. This is also know as Low-Country Boil,Tidewater Boiland Beaufort Boil.

A Plus Crab team sincerely invite you and your family to come and pick Low Country Boil seafood and get your hands dirty.Also sincerely hope to become one of your neighborhood favorites.

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